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What's M.I.C.E

The acronym MICE is applied inconsistently with the ā€œEā€ sometimes referring Exhibitions and the ā€œCā€ sometimes referring to Conferences. MICE is used to refer a business tourism in which large groups planned usually well in advance, are brought together for some particular purpose.

MICE segment caters to tailor-made corporate programmes to suit the client's requirements in any part of the world. The size of the convention, facilities required, competitive pricing, natural attractions, safety and opportunities to shop are some of the factors considered before selecting a MICE destination.

MICE investments usually consist of a well planned agenda centered around a particular theme.

Setting up a business related professional meeting, organising a grand convention, or planning an extraordinary event require great deal of experience and wide thinking platform to anticipate critical issues. Therefore, M.I.C.E talents are educated through several organisational scenarios to take many details into consideration in their planning cycles.

Most components of MICE are well understood, perhaps with the exception of Incentives. An incentive is usually undertaken as a type of employee reward by a company or institution for targets met or exceeded, or a job well done. Unlike the other types of MICE, incentives are usually conducted purely for entertainment, rather than professional or educational purposes.

Companies are realizing the benefits to their business when regional dealer conferences, incentive trips and focused business meetings are organized in exotic locations which include sightseeing, recreation and shopping.

Scarlet MICE is committed to providing quality organisational services to its international partners. Our clients include: Meeting planners, incentivehouses and companies that require customized meeting / incentive / conference / congress / event arrangements in Turkey.

Our mission is to be the regional leader - customer's first choice in Turkey providing MICE services to its international and domestic clients while envisioning the global success in years to come

We achieve this mission by our values:
  • High standards of service
  • The strength of our commitment
  • Years of experience
  • Excellent relationships with customers and vendors
  • Operating with integrity, honesty and respect