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Scarlet Group At a Glance

Scarlet is a group of companies located in Turkey, all focused on global communication. Divided in 5 segments, the group maintains in productivity through immense team work activities. Our services include:

  • M.I.C.E Organisation
  • Global Media Buying & Media Planning
  • Visual Stage Equipment Production
  • Technical Equipment Provision
  • Art Direction & Design
  • Brand Management & PR
  • Motion Design
  • Sound Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Video & Live Broadcasting

Scarlet M.I.C.E

Founded in 2006 (old name Mill), Scarlet M.I.C.E is a team of professional organizers offering a full range of meeting, conference, travel and event services to group and corporate clients.

Setting up a business related professional meeting, organising a grand convention, or planning an extraordinary event require great deal of experience and wide thinking platform to anticipate critical issues. Therefore, Scarlet M.I.C.E talents are educated through several organisational scenarios to take rough details into consideration in their planning cycles.


Scarlet's main purpose is to serve its clients in Turkey, especially in Istanbul because of its unique cultural environment and compatibility to M.I.C.E concept. Besides having a wide variety of conference/meeting rooms, convention halls and event centers, Istanbul has also many things to say about its historical places and excursions.


Scarlet's communication skills are not limited to M.I.C.E. Scarlet Media, group's creative art and motion design company, provides music, video and graphic solutions to M.I.C.E customers. Scarlet SMY (Social Media Yield) serves for international clients on building professional social media sites on facebook-twitter-youtube-like platforms for their global activities.


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